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Butterworths In-House Lawyers Handbook

Butterworths In-House Lawyers Handbook

  • Author:
  • Publisher: Butterworths
  • ISBN: 9781405755504
  • Published In: December 2012
  • Format: Paperback , 342 pages
  • Jurisdiction: International, U.K. ? Disclaimer:
    Countri(es) stated herein are used as reference only
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    Butterworths In-House Lawyers Handbook is the first and only text to bring together all the practical guidance, precedents, expert commentary and key source material for the in-house law department.

    In-house lawyers in all types of institutions will benefit from the insights Ian Jones’ commentary provides. Butterworths In-House Lawyers Handbook covers all the key planks of the internal legal advisors’ role, from managing a legal team to handling the procurement process.

    In today's world, in-house counsel in businesses and the public sector are expected to have a thorough understanding of the aims and activities of their institution, and relate that understanding to the advice they give their employer. Aside from this requirement, the in-house lawyer needs a high level understanding of a range of legal issues in multiple jurisdictions and to know how to access that information quickly. Butterworths In-House Lawyers' Handbook assists that by providing key precedents and accessible information on a range of the most common issues in core jurisdictions.

    Butterworths In-House Lawyer also:

    • Helps in-house legal teams demonstrate their value to the business and especially to the FD
    • Butterworths In-House Lawyers Handbook provides comprehensive best practice guidance on the role of the in-house lawyer
    • Includes useful precedents
    • Is accessible and portable
    • Teaches you how to make decisions about the legal team and outsourcing/in-sourcing based on value to the business
    • Butterworths In-House Lawyers Handbook collates useful black letter sources, making it a one-stop shop
    • Is of use particularly to in-house lawyers newly managing teams
    • Benefits solicitors in private practice by providing unique insights into the world of clients
  • Part I - The Legal Advisor;
    1. Introduction;
    2. Persuader not advisor?
    3. Professional Obligations under the various professional rules;
    4. Managing an in-house department - an overview;
    5. A crash course in corporate accounts - teaching hippos how to paint;

    Part II - Governance;
    6. Corporate Governance for In-House Counsel;

    Part III - Managing External Lawyers;
    7. Global Models and Procurement;
    8. In life retainer management;
    9. Termination;
    10. Costs and how to manage them;

    Part IV - Managing Your Team;
    11. Supervisory Skills;
    12. Methodologies for assessing size and focus of legal department;

    Part V - Managing Your Company/What your Board wants from a Legal Department;
    13. How to demonstrate value;

    Part VI - Corporate Legal Knowledge Management;
    14. Corporate Record Keeping - Do I really need all those bits of paper?
    15. Training for your lawyers and training your business people;
    16. Intranets, Extranets, Blogging and Twittering - a double edged sword;

    Part VII - "It's the law Jim, but not as we know it!" - The Future;
    17. The Future of Legal Services;
    18. The Legal Services Act;

    Part IX - Appendices;

  • By Ian Jones, former Head of the Real Estate Legal team at BT plc, a post he held since April 2004. He is a solicitor with a broad legal experience, including property, corporate/commercial and insolvency. In 2001, he led the in-house BT Legal Team which completed the BT/Telereal sale and leaseback financing deal.

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