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威科先行 • 财税信息库 (双语专业版)

威科先行 • 财税信息库 (双语专业版) China Tax & Accounting Reference (Bilingual Professional Version)

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  • Publisher: Wolters Kluwer (China) (威科中国)
  • Published In: Subscription-type (Contents updated periodically)
  • Format: Online
  • Jurisdiction: China ? Disclaimer:
    Countri(es) stated herein are used as reference only
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    威科先行 • 财税信息库是威科集团依托丰富的全球服务经验提供的综合财税信息解决方案,已与中注协、中税协携手,连续多年为8000+ 会计师事务、6000+ 税务师事务所提供服务。该信息库包括财税法规、专业文章、专题、实务案例、实务指南、实务问答、智能工具、财税动态等,为专业人士精准决策、高效工作给予强大支持。



    1. 双语专业版
    2. 中文升级版
    3. 双语升级版



    • 政策法规及专家解读
    • 热点财税话题解析
    • 财税实务指南
    • 实操问题解答
    • 智能图表工具


    • 高质量法规翻译
    • 手机版便捷办公
    • 专业编辑在线服务


    • 合作机构:普华永道、德勤、毕马威、罗申美、致同、天职、大华、华税、明税、金杜、汉坤、德恒、锦天城等




    • 专业文章:与上百家专业机构合作,特邀15 个国内知名机构、专家列席,解读政策法规和热点问题,助力您
    • 为客户提供更高价值的服务。
    • 专题聚焦:针对具体实务话题提供体系化、全方位的梳 理成果,深度解析热点、难点话题
      • 威科报告:月度亮点提示、行业税务动态精选、上市 公司信息披露风险预警
      • 系列专题:官方指导系列、企业实操系列、百宝书系 列、年度回顾与展望、年报审计内控审计情况报告
      • 税务实务:企业所得税、个人所得税、增值税、其他 税种、税收优惠、并购重组、转让定价、“走出去”税务、“走进来”税务、上市税务、税务争议解决、税务风险防控
      • 会计实务:企业会计准则、国际会计准则、上市政策、信息披露
      • 审计实务:年报审计、行业监管
      • 内控和风险管理、海关、外汇


    体系化呈现税务、财务会计知识,及时更新、专业实用,24 小时在线提供信息帮助。

    • 《中国税务合规实务指南:所得税》
    • 《中国税务合规实务指南:流转税》
    • 《中国税务合规实务指南:税务复核》
    • 《中国税务筹划指南》
    • 《转让定价实务指南》
    • 《税务新时代下的企业合规应对指引》
    • 《中国会计实务手册》(I、II、III)
    • 《全球税收与经营通典:亚太国家及地区》
    • 《全球税收与经营通典:一带一路国家》




    • 新工资薪金、汇算清缴个税计算器(2020 个人版)
    • 新个税工资累计预扣计算表(企业版)


    • 涵盖税务管理、财务管理、内控和风险管理领域的制度内容,提供全文模板,助力企业合规管理制度的建立
    • 根据最新法规及时更新,用户只需根据企业实际情况替换提示内容,即可生成企业所需的管理制度


    • 收录 1000+ 财税领域官方机构发布的申报表、审计清单、调查报告等模板,涵盖税务、财务、审计、海关、金融等领域,
    • 您可以随时下载使用



    China Tax & Accounting Reference provides resource of tax, financial audit, internal control and risk management, customs, finance, industrial and commercial administration, company listing, trade regulations, evaluation and valua-tion. This product provides professional information services for the members of the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the China Association of Certified Tax Agents.


    Three Versions are available to choose:

    1. Bilingual Professional Version
    2. Chinese Upgrade Version 
    3. Bilingual Upgrade Version




    Provide daily updates in laws related to tax and accounting, include over 790,000 selected financial and tax laws and regulations based on topic, industry, region, and issuer to facilitate queries, and provide translations of important law and regulations.



    Cover changes in China tax laws and international tax updates, and provide Chinese and English versions of important financial and tax updates.



    Provide a great number of court cases on tax matters about enterprise operation, collect and systemize abundant practical cases concerning frauds of listed companies, enterprise tax inspection and transfer pricing.


    Special Topics:

    • Provide official interpretation and insights by experts and practitioners in tax, finance, accounting, internal control, IPO and risk management.
    • Conduct in-depth analysis of hot and difficult issues of tax and accounting, according to the tax, accounting, internal control and risk management, enterprise listing to sort out the topic content.



    Includes explanations by state administration on Taxation, tax authorities in various regions and other state administration agencies on some common issues.

    Practical Guides:

    Cover practical guide monographs in income tax, turnover tax, tax planning, tax inspection and accounting compliance, update content concerning taxation laws and accounting standards on a real-time or regular basis, and summarize existing taxation laws in China. Practical guides are listed below:

    List of Practical Guides:

    1. China Tax and Customs Law Guide (English Version)
    2. A Practical Guide to Tax Compliance in China (I): Turnover Tax (Chinese Version)
    3. A Practical Guide to Tax Compliance in China (II): Income Tax (Chinese Version)
    4. A Practical Guide to Tax Compliance in China (III): Tax Review (Chinese Version)
    5. China Tax Planning Guide (Chinese Version)
    6. China Tax Planning Guide (English Version)
    7. Accounting Practices in China (I): Financial Reports (Chinese Version)
    8. Accounting Practices in China (II): Confirmation and Calculation of Accounting Elements (Chinese Version)
    9. Accounting Practices in China (III): Accounting Treatment in Specific Matters and Special Deals(Chinese Version)
    10. Mergers & Acquisitions in China: Taxation (English Version)
    11. Tax Compliance in Greater China (English Version)
    12. China Tax Mannual Online (English Version)
    13. China Master GAAP Guide (English Version)
    14. China Tax Treaties Online (English Version)
    15. Transfer Pricing – A Practical Guide (Bilingual Version)
    16. Tax Planning for Expatriates in China (English Version)
    17. Foreign Exchange Control in China (Chinese Version)
    18. Foreign Exchange Control in China (English Version)
    19. Hong Kong Master Tax Guide (English Version)
    20. Hong Kong Master GAAP Guide (English Version)
    21. Hong Kong Tax Manual (English Version)
    22. Hong Kong Tax Workbook-Simplified(English Version)
    23. Macao Master Tax Guide (English Version)


    Wolters Kluwer’s original, innovative tools lead to greater research efficiency.

    1. Smart Tool for CIT Annual Filing
    2. Smart Tool for CIT Revenue
    3. Smart Tool for CIT Assets
    4. Smart Tool for CIT Deduction
    5. Smart Tool for Tax Incentives
    6. Tax Rate Inquiry Tools
    7. Comparison Chart for Tax Treaties
    8. General Template for Enterprise Financial Statements
    9. Invoice Compliance Assistant
    10. IIT Assessment Tool for Foreigners in China
    11. Detailed List of Input Deduction for Purchase of Domestic Passenger Transport Services
    12. New Smart Chart for Calculating the IIT of Cumulative Wages
    13. Smart Declaration Tool for Land Value Added Tax
    14. Guidelines on Auditing Standards
    15. Listed Company Information Disclosure Table
    16. Accounting Title and Accounting Treatment
    17. High-Tech Enterprises Certification Audit Guide
    18. Summary of International Tax System
    19. Smart Chart for Annual Report on Business Associations of Enterprises
    20. Risk Guidelines for Financial Statements of Commercial Banks
    21. Summary of International Tax System
    22. Smart Chart for Annual Report on Business Associations of Enterprises
    23. Risk Guidelines for Financial Statements of Commercial Banks



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