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HR Bible

HR Bible

  • Publisher: Excel Media Group Ltd
  • ISBN: 9789881960580
  • Published In: August 2013
  • Format: Hardback , 500 pages
  • Jurisdiction: International ? Disclaimer:
    Countri(es) stated herein are used as reference only

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    The HR Bible provides a comprehensive resource of interviews, articles, case studies and bullet point facts to help HR professionals prepare for and execute day-to-day tasks. Learn best practices from leading HR figures and gain invaluable knowledge on how to best leverage human capital within your company, while keeping talent engaged and pulling in the right strategic direction.

    Inside this milestone 500-page hardback HR reference:

    • practical advice for HR on the entire employee life-cycle;
    • covers everything from employer branding & recruitment to C&B to L&D to decrutiment & legal issues (and just about everything in between!);
    • exclusive interviews conducted by HR Magazine featuring prominent HR figureheads and influencers from across the globe;
    • yearly trends and projections from trusted independent sources;
    • research and findings on HR-related issues; and
    • comprehensive service listings for HR-related providers throughout the region.

  • Foreword



    • Talent time-bomb explodes for HR
    • Gen-Y look for 'happening' workplaces
    • Talent shortage
    • Y shouldn’t we be happy?
    • Employer branding
    • Harnessing social media to maximise EVPs
    • Strategic targeted recruitment
    • No more Russian roulette recruiting
    • The right way to use psychometric assessments
    • Recruiting your recruitment firm
    • HR Fight Club: winning new hires
    • Spotting agile leaders: tips for interviewers
    • Jardines’ HR recruitment roadmap
    • Recruitment & outsourcing strategies
    • Angry Birds and HR
    • Manulife Financial: recruitment strategies
    • Oregon Scientific: recruiting the Oregon Trail of leaders
    • Hsin Chong Construction: line managers key in recruitment
    • Hong Kong Broadband Network: talent selection
    • Newell Rubbermaid: proactive recruitment strategies
    • Hang Seng Bank: HR strategies
    • Global nomads: avoiding HR headaches
    • Humanising recruitment and relocation policies
    • Mazars: selecting staff, sending them to Africa

    Employee services

    • C&B strategies that work
    • Japan pays most for expats in Asia
    • 2013 HK salaries worth more
    • 3% of Asian salaries frozen
    • Salaries constant in uncertain market
    • To outsource...or not to outsource?


    • HR basic guide to the Minimum Wage Ordinance
    • Hiring and firing in China
    • Balancing the ethics formula: A tool for guiding choices
    • Toolkit on directors’ ethics
    • HR trends & compliance strategies 104


    • Growth markets show best talent management
    • Enhancing staff staying power
    • Quick fix or rainy day rewards?
    • Money isn't everything: motivating staff without money
    • Ageing China: pension plans a way to go
    • Poor HR governance hinders companies going global
    • Why HR should wear a sales hat
    • Workplace confessional: secrets HR needs to know to retain staff
    • Office relations
    • How CSR can also drive the bottom line
    • SociétéGénérale: responsible HR
    • ExxonMobil on CSR
    • Green HR
    • Writing meaningful CSR reports
    • Gen-Y retention strategies
    • Nurturing Gen-Y
    • Business case for recruitment diversity
    • Towards a global culture
    • End to male monopoly
    • More female managers, higher share price
    • How effective are your HR discrimination skills?
    • Work-life balance global issue
    • Experiential gifting
    • Fit minds matter
    • Motivational mushrooms
    • Parent-preneurs: work-life balance secrets
    • Beaches, bananas and Bollywood belly dancing: innovative ideas to boost wellness
    • Group health insurance: key trends
    • Heathy staff, healthy business
    • Corporate wellness: building a resilient workforce
    • Health: the ultimate wealth
    • Sharing medical costs with employees through flex plans
    • Great governance of medical plans: best practices
    • Managing staff benefits the easy way
    • Health and wellness benefits a must in global mobility strategies
    • Healthcare for dormant expats

    Learning and development

    • Evolution of L&D

    • Building an L&D framework Global
    • L&D trends
    • Traditional L&D values
    • Global creativity crisis
    • Keeping staff ahead in financial L&D
    • Trainer tactics: walking the talk
    • Brains over brawn: assessing staff
    • Leadership development: is it working?
    • Training leaders
    • Senior execs: MBAs, might, morals, minds and more
    • Six Sigma black belts
    • Women leaders
    • Staff learning & development strategies
    • Racing for talent: HKJC L&D programmes
    • Disney: staff training at the Disney University
    • P&G: training tomorrow's talent at P&G University
    • Hong Kong Police Force: e-learning and Knowledge Café drive innovative L&D strategies
    • Hospital Authority: why L&D is a critical talent management strategy
    • Keeping learners engaged: advice from HSBC, AIA and FedEx
    • Diversifying training methods to enhance L&D effectiveness
    • Morgan Stanley's take on T&D
    • Blended approach enhances L&D at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
    • Maximising L&D effectiveness at Fuji Xerox
    • RSM university cadet programmes
    • Great Expectations
    • Measuring training results

    Performance management

    • Stephen M R Covey on HR
    • Learning the ropes of HR: performance lessons from sailing
    • Confidence, creativity & collaboration
    • Give me space!
    • 7 HR deadly sins when managing sales staff
    • Performance excellence
    • What makes employees smile?
    • Managing stress in the workplace
    • Just get it done!
    • Introduction to ontological coaching
    • Coaching and kings
    • Coaching the right decision
    • Assessing talent
    • Certification for staff
    • Benchmarking abilities
    • Benchmarking IT staff
    • Annual appraisals

    Strategic HR & Transitions

    • Do the HR strategy maths: EVP + TR = 7 x engagement + 3 x revenue
    • HR hard sell
    • HR failing to keep pace with HC analytics
    • Musicians not MBAs
    • HRO trends
    • Life or death HR
    • Accident culture: nurturing staff creativity
    • Reshaping organisational culture by learning from mistakes
    • Staff exodus from China T1 cities
    • A word to the wise: plan
    • Driving business performance via L&D
    • Succession management
    • Scoping global talent & succession planning on a shoestring
    • Developing your next generation of leaders
    • Filling gaps in leadership pipelines
    • China chases dream of leadership pipeline
    • Frozen pipelines
    • HR karma: peace of mind in succession planning
    • Cross-fertilising HR with PR
    • Ogilvy: cultivating company creativity
    • Understanding human capital in mergers & acquisitions
    • Harmonising benefits after M&A
    • C&B strategies in mergers and acquisitions
    • Coping with career change
    • Outsourcing decruitment
    • Exit strategies
    • Don't ask, don't tell: terminating employment
    • Avoiding liability when giving references
    • References: obligations and risks for employer

    HR service provider listings

    • Executive education providers
    • Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)
    • Insurance providers
    • Recruiters
    • Recruiter matrix
    • Serviced apartments
    • Training providers
    • Training venues 
  • The book was written by the staff writers of HR Magazine, working alongside noted individuals such as Stephen M R Covey and contributors from companies such as Disney, DLA Piper, Morgan Stanley amongst others.


    HR Magazine is the widest circulated independent HR publication in APAC, providing quality editorials and the latest news, trends and research to the HR community across 16 countries.

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